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The Leaders of Laoshan District, Qingdao City Inspected the Implementation of the Policy

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       On March 16th, the deputy head of Huang Yingsheng, Laoshan District led the leaders of the Finance Bureau, Industry and Information Bureau, Science and Technology Innovation Commission, Jufeng Company, E-government Center, Qinggao Technology Company, etc. to the Techen Group to inspect the implementation of government support policies. Chen Fujun, Chairman of Techen Group, Zhong Yingchao, Minister of Finance, and Zhang Chunyan, Director of Finance Department received the leaders of the district.

      Mr.Huang provided constructive guidance on the future development plan of the enterprise, hoping to be able to benchmark the leading international enterprises and make it bigger and stronger. After listening to the government's report on the implementation of the company's support policies, Deputy District Director Huang gave instructions on the spot to urge the relevant department heads to effectively accelerate the efficiency of the policy, increase support efforts, and help companies solve difficulties in the development process.